Impowerz was (and possibly still is?) meant to be a handy service to rent phone charging equipment at public events like music festivals. Who hasn’t been at a day-long event where you use your phone a lot and by 5 or 6 need a re-up on juice? With Impowerz you’d simply rent a unit (plus deposit) from one of their staff and check it back in at the end of the event, or keep it in exchange for your deposit. I thought this was a great idea but sadly they stopped development. Possibly due to the emergence of cheap battery packs which are now ubiquitous? No idea, but Im still fond of the work I did here. Being a hard-core music festivalgoer I brought in a bit of the feel of that world and even added some fun touches like the metal devil horn hand illustration to signify a completed rental. Sad this one never made it to phones, but that’s how things shake out some times.

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    Impowerz / Three29