TBD Music Festival

In 2015, I was asked to handle the branding and design for Sacramento’s nascent TBD music festival. This would include a full reboot of all imaging, from a new logo to branded colors, typography, rollout strategy, poster, website, and even environmental and onsite graphics, video screens, and merch. It was a mammoth undertaking to say the least, particularly for a one-man design team to take on. Its for that reason that you’ll notice I produced very few posters in 2015 as this 9-month project dominated the lion’s share of my time. It ended up being possibly the largest single branding project I’ve ever worked on in terms of how many individual pieces I would eventually end up producing. As we lacked the budget for a design staff, I would end up designing nearly all of the print and digital collateral personally. While you can see some samples of the work created at left, it really only scratches the surface. I have a very thorough case study up at the site I showcase my music-related art on: www.decabet.com and you can see it by clicking the link below.


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