The Man Who Fell for Earth

One of the best things about working for Sactown magazine is getting the opportunity to work with top-flight photographers and illustrators. It’s a great privilege to get to use your skills in concert with other peoples’ to make something really unique, plus their style can push you to new corners within your own.

For Sactown’s February/March 2017 issue’s feature on¬†writer Kim Stanley Robinson The Man Who Fell for Earth, we were fortunate to commission a gorgeous illustration from artist Leif Jones, whose image not only perfectly set the tone for the piece, but also allowed me to indulge my love of classic sci-fi style typography. I wanted something similar to what I’d have seen in the library when I was a kid. A bold type stack with a handmade feel and airbrush-style shading. I really think these two halves came together in a really powerful whole that helped bring readers into the story.

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