"Texas Votes" graphic designed by Jason Malmberg for Headcount, a voter registration organization

Headcount – “Texas Votes”

Expressing diversity of opinion efficiently

“Texas Votes” was the second project I worked on for the Headcount organiztion. Their mission is to GOTV with registration booths and swag at concerts, shows, and other musical events for young people.

In the final weeks of the 2020 election, I burnt the midnight (and 1am. And 2am…) oil writing, designing, illustrating and even animating a short-form music video for them called “Time to Vote” featuring the band Lawrence (read more about that here).

As demographics have shifted over time, every election cycle sees Texas moving closer to much-desired “swing state” status. I wanted a quick, simple, and most importantly graphic way to express this. Clearly, and with little nuance to cloud things. This would of course be a non-partisan graphic but I used multiple typefaces and a blue-to-red gradient fill to express the power in numbers we can often (understandbaly) forget that we possess. And that goes for both sides of the political fence.  

To put it into motion it needed to hit, make its point, drop a CTA and be gone in under 5 seconds. Almost like an act of visual punctuation…


Client: Headcount (Dallas/Fort Worth Division)
Year: 2020
Role: Creative/Art Direction, Design, Animation