Headcount “Time to Vote”


Few years in history can be guaranteed to check the person hearing it with an instant, bracing feeling like 2020. In fact I even worked on a campaign about proper disposal of batteries that leveraged 2020 (and the popular notion of the “dumpster fire” ) and all that with great success just a couple years ago. 2020 had its issues, to say the least. 

“… a crucial time.”  

One of the fun things (of many) about desinging for the music industry is the mix of people you get to meet and work with.  Dallas / Fort Worth Headcount Team Leader Chris McDonald and I go way back, having met on the Coachella mesage board back when message boards were still a thing. Eventually he became a booker at Dallas’ Granada Theater which led to him tapping me to make posters for bands like Foals and Cut Copy over the years. With a crucial presidential election coming up in fall of 2020, I reached out with an idea I had: what if we found a band with a following but who hasnt quite blown up yet and got them to do a song about all the different ways one could vote that year. With the pandemic still in full swing, reching out in a fun way to young people about absentee ballots seemed like a fun project and (if nothing else) a great antidote to the cabin fever we’d all been experiencing for months. So Chris found up and coming band (though one might say they have since arrived) Lawrence to pen something that met the moment. They wrote and recorded “time to vote” and we were off to the races. I burrowwed into my affectation for the retro vibes of Milton Glaser and Schoolhouse Rock and in just an hour or two shy of two weeks had written, designed, illustrated, animated, and edited the video you are about to see…

"To work with Malmberg is to work with true greatness. His gig poster designs over the years have sent chills down my spine and caused my cheekbones to be flush with excitement. The "Time To Vote" animated video he created for Headcount during the 2020 election was a fun and entertaining piece of content that came at a crucial time."

— Chris McDonald, Dallas / Fort Worth Headcount Team Leader

Client: Headcount (Dallas / Fort Worth Office)
Year: 2020
Role: Creative/Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation, Editing